flirtaitous! is fun, beautiful social community for meeting quality singles in your area.
In order to meet your perfect match, please follow a few simple tips:
1. Complete your profile as soon as you join
We provide a detailed profile template for you to complete - the more information you give in your profile,
the more often you will be contacted.
  • Fill in all sections of your profile. If you don't want to give an answer to a particular question,
    select "I'd rather not say" instead of leaving it blank.
  • Write a personal ad: this is your opportunity to make your profile really stand out from the others.
  • Display at least 3 photos of yourself: photos complete a profile, and help show that you are
    genuine about meeting people.
2. Be active
Don't wait for someone else to make the first move! It's simple: the more people you contact,
the better your chances of meeting someone.
  • Contact a different person spontaneously everyday.
  • Log on regularly (active profiles appear first on other member's search results).
3. Be polite and courteous
Our staff monitors the site in real time and takes immediate action to stop inappropriate behavior. flirtatious! is an exclusive online dating and social networking community. Be respectful and have fun!